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Philanthorphists behind construction of Thiruverkadu Temple

      Thiruverkadu temple has been constructed by different people in different years. In 1943, front mandapam  and moolasthanam have been constructed with the fund collected from the people. In he same year Idol of Goddess Devi Karumariamman was consecrated. In the year 1964, Rajagopuram (temple tower) was constructed and Kumbabishekam was performed for the first time. First and Second corridors were constructed and on 27th July 1975 second Kumbabishekam was performed. After constructing the third corridor, other small temples and the compound walls third Kumbabishekam was performed on 13th January of 1987. After which Vasnatha Mandapam and Temple car way were constructed and in the year 1999 fourth Kumbabishekam was performed.

 Details of work-in-progress

Details of works going to be undertaken

       Details of the Work Completed

            Kumbhabishekam Pictures

All the above works were coordinated by Swamy Ramadasar for the betterment of Temple.


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