Mahamari who gave turmeric


     Two sisters by name Sundari and Sarathai were in the snake world. They were having enticing beauty and they could not get suitable bridegroom . To redress this grievance they performed pooja for Kali. Narathar came there and told them the time is ripe now; so go to Thiruverkadu pray Karumari and get Her blessings.

     Devikarumari appeared before these sisters and instructed them "Children ! Take bath in the Sambar Poigai and drink turmeric water for one mandalam and pray Sakthi. Your grievances will be redressed and you will lead happy life".


     As per instructions of Devi Karumari, both the sisters performed the pooja. At the end of one mandalam princess Sambu and Balan came there and saw Sundari and Sarathai. They fell in love with each other. Sundari married Sambu and Sarathai married Balan and they lived happily for long time.

     Even now the turmeric of Devi Karumari blesses unmarried girls with bridegrooms and child for those who are not having children. Patients are relieved of their disease.

Poorani - emerged as Neem


     Neem is capable of putting a fight against god of death ( Yeman). Neem leaves are slogans! They are diplomatic ! They cure many diseases !. They drive away many evils ! Devi Karumari has said "I am living in the neem leaves and it will give life".

     People are getting neem leaves from Devi Karumari piously. Mantras uttered With neem leaves and cane drive away bad evils and the devotees get cured.

Muthu Veera Swami

     Kasi city was ruled by Thulasirajan. His wife was Karpoora Valli. Both of them were very good couples and good in devotion to God. With the blessings of Parasakthi a male child was born to Karpoora Valli on Chittrai Full moon day. The king's astrologer who wrote the horoscope for the baby told if the boy was brought up in the place, the king dynasty would end; country would face severe famine; the people of the country would die. Other astrologers also stressed the same.


         Kathavarayan was born from the rays of Lord Siva's third eye. Devi formed a garden on the banks of the river Ganga and appointed
Kathavarayan as watchman. Once he took away the dresses of women who came there for bathing and so he was cursed by Devi Karumari . Because of that curse he had to take birth seven time. King also punished him to die on pointed stake (Kazhumaram). When he was about to die on pointed stake (Kazhumaram), he got relieved from the curse. Karumari took pity on him and instructed him to sit on the North east quarter side and bless all those who come to see her.


       Celebrations are being held for Kathaveera Samy on Chittrai Full Moon Day. Kathaveera Samy is taken round the temple in glass tank which is the specialty of the function.


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