I am the junior most and will rule this place by taking two different images. Immediately the 6 divine powers left that place. Then Devi Karumari took two different images. First one was looking very bright and beautiful. Second one was in dark blue colour. At that time Maha Vishnu told "Your mere sight will help the world to reach eternal peace". 

       Then Devi Karumari showed her face alone and blessed. On seeing this Agasthiar praised her glory. This image is worshipped in the Sanctum - sanctorium of Karumari Amman Temple. At that time Karumari told Agasthiar "I will take the shape of snake and rule for many aeons from snake anthill; then I will rule with this image in kaliyugam from the temple itself". you can even now see that snake hole by the side of the temple.


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